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Liebster Award for AVABLOG from England

Back in April I received a note from Anne Goodwin, that she granted me the Liebster Award. A was just blinking at the note. Liebster Award. It didn't ring a bell. Oh Google! Come and help me!

So it did! And I started to feel flattered. Anne is a great writer, I'm quite fond of her acid humour and her choice of the point of view from which she makes her readers see the events of her stories. And I love that we can communicate about literature and anything that goes with it. The Liebster Award is granted by bloggers for other blogs (with less then 3000- 200 followers) they find outstanding in a way. Read more about the Liebster Award HERE. It's the kind of marketing I appreciate. :) So I breezily began to look for my own nominees when I realised I hardly ever read blogs. I mostly browse literary magazines for writings to translate or simply to have fun. Where are the blogs I might like? Until I find them, here are my answers for Anne's questions I received with the award:

1. What has surprised you most about your blogging experience? Receiving Liebster Award. :) Seriously: I'm still surprised how little readers comment on (certain) blogs. They rather go back to the Facebook post, where they read about an article and comment there. So I was surprised and delighted when I received my first meaningful comment not written encouragingly by husband.

2. To what extent do you blog for your own entertainment versus for the benefit and/or entertainment of your readers? Fifty-fifty. I set up my blog mainly to collect the information carefully hidden or shattered in the cyber space about becoming literary translator so that I can help other aspirants. Yet some posts are simply the results of my streaming thoughts and emotions.

3. If your blog were to come to life, what form would it take? Your coolest teacher at secondary school. :)

4. How does your blogging voice differ from how you present yourself in “real life”? Not much, I believe. Or rather I hope.

5. Which words or phrases do you most overuse on your blog? Uhhh, have to check it! „Translation” probably.

6. Which famous person would you most like to visit your blog, which of your posts would you most like them to read, and why? It'd be an honour if Ádám Nádasdy read my translation of Anne Goodwin's Four Hail Marys. He's a great linguist and said to be a charismatic professor, poet, literary translator. Recently he re-translated Shakespeare's Hamlet and one of the Budapest theatres played it in a unique way: the characters belonging to the older generation said the text of an old translation by János Arany, if I'm not mistaken, while the young used the Nádasdy text.

7. If you could invite a fictional character to write one of your posts, who would you choose and why? Maybe Rick Dockery from John Grisham's Playing for Pizza. He was a quarterback of several NFL teams, but he played outrageously and the only way his agent could save him was finding him a place at the tiny Italian American football league where the Italian players only got paid in free meals. So he flied to Parma and lived there for months, got used to it and got to love it. He also met an American girl studying art history there and they travelled through Italy's most beautiful places. Brilliant and funny book and I'm sure Rick would write a reasonably short, funny but heart-warming post about the Italian character. I love that nation! Their language and mentality are awesome!

8. If time and money were no object, where in the world would you like to go to research your next post? The British Isles and Scandinavia. In a previous life I must have been a Viking sailing to England. I'm fascinated by their cultures. Or Italy. Reason above. :)

9. As a consumer of blogs, what are the main factors that entice you to read on? Sophisticated yet easy language and a touch of humour. The design and layout are also important.

10. What else do you wish I’d asked you and how would you respond? Wish you hadn't asked this question 'cause I have no proper answer...

What would you ask? Comments are welcome here, now you know!

My Liebster blogs and the questions for the bloggers are soon to come.

Liebster Award for AVABLOG from England hozzászólásai

  • Annecdotist Annecdotist:

    Thanks for these answers, Ava. I do like the idea of the coolest teacher in the secondary school. It's interesting how we all have our preferences for social media. I'm a whizz with Twitter but, after over a year, I still can't figure how to use Facebook other than to link to my own posts ... oh, and maybe now I'll link to this.
    So glad we've been able to connect, hope you enjoy passing on the award.

    • avafordito avafordito:

      Your very welcome. I truly enjoyed it! Hope the bloggers of my choice for the award will pass it on as well!

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